Working outside means exposure to varied light conditions. In Australia, a lot of the time there’s at least a bit of glare about. Often, it’s full out, scorching sun. Polarised safety glasses were developed with glare in mind, as they are designed to block reflected light from horizontal surfaces like concrete, water, glass windscreens. Glare occurs due to the nature of light and the structure of the polarised lens. Polarised safety glasses block this glare and improve visibility: instead of seeing the reflected light, the wearer sees what’s underneath or behind it. They also don’t have to worry about eye stress or squinting caused by the glare.

Polarised safety glasses reduce glare and increase visibility

When to Wear Polarised Safety Glasses…and When Not to

Increased visibility means increased safety, so for workers on construction sites, mines, near water, or driving, polarised lenses are a good idea. The only two environments where polarised lenses are not a good idea are when piloting an aeroplane, or when driving in icy terrain. Aeroplanes have polarised windscreens, and if you wear polarised lenses as well, you’ll end up with poor visibility. This is because the two lenses together block too much light. There’s a test you can do to find out if your lenses are polarised that explains this aviation phenomenon. You need to get two lenses and hold them one behind the other and turn one 90 degrees. If you can’t see through it once turned, the lenses are likely both polarised. You can do the same thing with an LCD screen as the second lens. This complete blockage is not ideal for aviation.

Polarised safety glasses are also not recommended for driving in icy conditions, but for a different reason: it’s because they’re too effective! The light reflecting from ice is what tells you it’s there so you can avoid it, but if polarised lenses get rid of the glare, you won’t be able to see it.

However, for most outdoor workers, polarised safety glasses are a great choice. Bollé safety has a large range of options to suit a variety of preferences. We believe that if the wearer likes the look, feel, and visibility of their safety eyewear, they are more likely to wear them and thus will have greater protection.

Have a look at a few frames in the polarised series below to find out what suits you.

The Bollé Safety Guide to Polarised Safety Glasses

If You Like: A Bold Look

Mercuro Polarised Safety Glasses


Mercuro is a favourite amongst those who like a bolder look, with a stylish wraparound design and large field of vision. For additional comfort, Mercuro features a non-slip nose bridge and bi-material temples.

Mercuro polarised Safety glasses are now available in red and green flash lenses.

Sporty Eyewear

Tryon Polarised Safety Glasses


With its half-rims and adjustable non-slip nose bridge, Tryon is a sporty spectacle. However, protection is maintained with its wraparound fit, and comfort is guaranteed due to biomaterial temples that have 160-degree flex technology, adapting Tryon to all head types and reducing pressure points.

The Option of Sealed or Unsealed Eyewear

Baxter Polarised Safety glasses with Gasket

Baxter Polarised with Gasket

Baxter brings a sporty, lightweight design with a wraparound frame for peripheral vision, and thin, flexible temples that are both comfortable and perfectly adaptable to wearing with other PPE. Baxter has extra adaptability in the form of a removable seal gasket and strap, turning it into sealed eyewear.

A Mirrored Lens

Huster Polarised Safety glasses

Hustler Blue Flash/Grey-Green Polarised

You could be forgiven for thinking Hustler was a pair of normal, stylish sunglasses, but they are indeed polarised safety glasses, offering medium impact protection. They have rubber nose grips for non-slip and have the option of two different types of polarised lens. The blue flash mirrored lens is water-resistant and repels heat which makes them ideal for offshore activities. For those who prefer a more subdued finish, the grey-green lens offers a polarised view without the mirror.

A Nylon Frame

Hurricane Polarised safety glasses


Hurricane was developed with the tough Australian climate in mind and is embraced by many for its comfortable fit, dual lens technology and stylish velvet frame finish. It’s the only one in the polarised range with a nylon frame, which makes it resilient and lightweight

A Frame for a Smaller Head

Voodoo Polarised Safety Glasses


All Bollé Safety’s glasses are unisex…in theory. However, the reality is that many women (and men) have smaller heads. Therefore, Bollé Safety produces a number of models in a smaller and larger size, one of them being Voodoo, thus providing a better fit for those with a smaller noggin. Another distinguishing feature of Voodoo is that it comes in a brown frame/lens combo as well as a black frame/grey-green lens combo, depending on your preference. The non-slip nose bridge and comfy temple grips, as well as medium impact protection round Voodoo off as a great choice.

If You Like: Polarised Safety Glasses on a budget

phantom polarised safety glasses


For the budget-conscious, we have Phantom. A little lower cost than its fellows in the polarised category, but still retains the key features: comfy temples and non-slip nose grip, high clarity polarised lens and wrap-around design

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