You don’t need a new life, just a new lens through which to view the one you have.

 Marianne Williamson

Eye safety is an important consideration for many workplaces: eyes are fragile and loss of sight is a tragedy to be avoided. Choosing the right lenses can make a huge difference to your comfort, vision and safety, and to the decision to wear the safety eyewear. Thankfully Bollé Safety has a large range of lenses and frames to suit different working environments and preferences.

Clear Lenses

Tryon Clear Safety Glasses
Tryon Clear

Exactly as the word implies, clear lenses are colourless, allowing 90% of light through. This makes them perfect for working indoors and maintaining visual clarity. Bollé Safety clear lenses naturally absorb 99.99% of UV light but do not prevent glare. All Bollé Safety glasses are tested and approved to AS / NZS 1337.1:2010: standards for medium impact protection.

Smoke Lenses

Hustler Smoke Safety Glasses
Hustler Smoke

For outdoor workers who encounter bright sunshine and glare, smoke lenses act like sunglasses and block much of the harsh light. They also filter out  99.99% of UVA and UVB light, providing protection from the sun’s radiation.

Polarised Lenses

Baxter Polarised Safety Glasses
Baxter Polarised

Polarised lenses have a slight advantage over smoke lenses in that they block the glare from reflective surfaces like water, concrete and glass, as well as the usual filtration of sunlight. As such, they are particularly suitable for maritime environments and construction, mining, or other outdoor workplaces. They are not recommended for aviation environments due to polarised windscreens as doubling up polarised lenses causes low visibility. They are also not advised for driving on ice, as polarised lenses prevent the wearer from seeing ice from its reflection, which is important when trying to avoid it.

Flash Lenses

Mercuro Flash Safety Glasses
Mercuro Flash

The very nature of mirrored lenses is that they reflect heat and light, which is what causes the mirror effect. This reduces heat from the sun irritating the eyes and blocks light. They reflect it instead, thus acting as sunglasses with extra thermal protection. Some of the Bollé safety flash lenses are also polarised for maximum protection from heat, bright light and reflected glare.

Mirrored lenses might also tick the box for those looking for a particularly stylish pair of safety glasses. Bollé Safety has the choice of red, green, or blue mirrored lenses for wearer preference. This is an important consideration in light of safety: the more a wearer likes the look of their safety glasses, the more likely they are to wear them, which increases safety.

Bronze Lenses

Silex+CSP Safety Glasses
Silex+ CSP Bronze

Some workers regularly go between inside and outside environments, and therefore neither smoke nor clear lenses are ideal. The eyes need to adjust to changing light conditions due to the structure of rods and cones that function in low and high light levels (respectively). As a result, smoke lenses can cause low visibility when the worker moves inside. Clear lenses don’t provide protection from brightness and glare when the worker moves outside. Bronze lenses are the answer. Bronze lenses allow for easier transition between indoor and outdoor conditions by blocking some light rays, but not all, which creates a more balanced light experience. UV and blue light are reduced, whilst contrast is increased, and there is less adjustment resulting in temporary low vision.

Prescription Safety Glasses

Drift Prescription Safety Glasses
Drift Prescription

Not Everyone with an optical prescription chooses to wear contact lenses, and so it is important to consider how to keep those workers’ eyes safe. Standard prescription spectacles will not protect from impact, and can be a hazard themselves if the glass shatters. 

Safety glasses and goggles that can be worn over the top of prescription glasses provide one option. An even better option is prescription glasses that are also safety glasses. Bollé Safety has a prescription range of safety glasses and sealed eyewear that has 4 types of prescription lenses (single vision, bifocal, progressive and extended near). Many have the option of polycarbonate or the more premium Trivex as lens material. These prescription lenses don’t have quite the same array of lens tints as their non-prescriptive counterparts but do have a clear and a tinted option in some cases for indoor or outdoor work.

Blueblocker Lenses

Kick Office Blueblocker safety glasses
Kick Office Blueblocker

Some workers worry about blue light: a part of visible light that is towards the UV side of the spectrum. Light from the sun plays a fundamental part in our circadian rhythm, or body clock. It helps our bodies work out whether it is time to wake up or go to sleep. With the increase in synthetic light and screen use, there are concerns that the additional blue light that is present in all ‘white’ light (from screens, overhead lights etc) can interrupt our body clocks, causing insomnia, low mood and anxiety. Blue blocker glasses, as their name suggests, block blue light, thus reducing this concern for workers.

Protective Lens Coating

Choosing the right lens tint for your environment or eye needs is important, and so is making sure you can see out of them! The nature of physical work is such that lenses can be scratched or get fogged up when the wearer sweats or is in a humid environment. Bollé Safety has developed Platinum®, an anti-fog, anti-scratch coating which goes on both sides of the lens to increase visibility and the lifespan of safety eyewear.

For assistance in choosing the right lenses for your work and environment, contact the Bollé safety team.

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