When choosing eye protection one consideration is whether they are for indoor or outdoor use, as this helps to determine what lens is best: shaded or clear. However, what if work is both indoors and outdoors, as is the case in many trades? A shaded or polarised lens is ideal for the bright, often glary conditions of the Australian outdoors, but limits vision indoors. Conversely, the pale or clear lenses used for indoor work offer little to no sun or glare protection outdoors, thus also limiting vision. Tinted safety glasses may be the answer.

Going indoors to outdoors and vice versa can affect visibility. Tinted safety glasses can help

Going from indoors to outdoors and vice versa requires eyes to adjust which causes further vision impairment, if only temporary. Your retina has two types of cells; rods and cones. Rods help us to see in darker conditions, cones help us to see in lighter conditions. When you go outside the stronger light bleaches the pigment in the rods. They will not function again until they become unbleached in lower light. It takes time for the eye to adjust when going from sunny outdoors to lower light indoors and causes a period of low vision.

rods and cones affect how we see in different light.

On a worksite any period of reduced vision leads to increased risk, so what is the solution?

What are CSP Bronze Tinted safety glasses?

Bollé Safety has a range of lenses to suit different conditions, called CSP, or Comfort Sensitivity Perception. CSP lenses include a range of different tints, one of which is bronze. Bronze lenses allow for easier transition between indoor and outdoor conditions. They do this by blocking some light rays, but not all, thus allowing for a more balanced light experience. This reduces UV and blue light, whilst increasing contrast, and there is less adjustment resulting in temporary low vision.

CSP lenses have the advantage over ‘transition’ or ‘photochromic’ lenses in that they do not require time to adjust as the light changes. They are also unaffected by cold or hot environments. Photochromic lenses take longer to adjust in cold temperatures which further increases the risk caused by low vision. Bollé Safety’s Bronze lenses come with Platinum: an anti-fog, anti-scratch coating. This increases the longevity of use and prevents fogging in extreme temperatures.

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