Glasses that block blue light or ‘blue blocker’ glasses have been developed on the back of increased awareness of the effects of blue light. Greater screen usage and artificial lighting have led to concerns about the effect blue light has on our bodies. Blue light is a part of white light, which is made up of many different colours, each at a different wavelength. Blue light is on the higher energy end of the spectrum, near ultraviolet light. All white light, whether it comes from the sun, a screen or a lamp, contains blue light.

Blue light plays a key part in our circadian rhythm, helping our bodies work out when it is time to wake up and go to sleep. It affects our mood, metabolism and overall health.

However, we are exposed to blue light for longer due to the use of electric lighting and screens. Some believe this extra exposure can negatively affect our body clock and cause problems with sleeping, mood and general wellbeing. There is also a concern that additional blue light can damage our eyes, much like UV, its neighbour on the spectrum, does. These concerns have led to the development of eyewear that blocks blue light. 

Bollé Safety’s range of ‘blue blocker’ eyewear uses their B-Zen lens technology, and Plano lenses to improve visual comfort. This technology is embedded in 2mm thick PC lenses which provides greater durability. Bollé Safety blue blocker glasses carry the extra benefit of also providing impact protection, tested and approved to AS/NZS 1337.1:2010 for low or medium impact protection depending on the model. 

So which model to choose? Read on to find out which is best for you.

A More Sophisticated ‘Office Look’

Kick office front view
Kick Office

A Slimmer Lens

B806 glasses block blue light

A Thinner Frame

B713 Blue light blocking Glasses

A Clear Frame

B809 blue blocker glasses

A Colourful Frame

Spicy Office blue blocker glasses
Spicy Office

Colourful Temple Arms

Harper blue light blocking glasses

Extra Side Protection

Kick safety glasses with side protection
Kick Blue blocker

For more information about Bollé Safety’s blue blocker range, please download the documentation or speak to a Bollé Safety consultant.

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