Following the launch of ‘Mercuro’ in 2019, Bollé Safety has further developed the range to include Green flash and red flash polarised lenses. The original launch included models with smoke, polarised or CSP lenses, each being specifically designed for outdoor environments where there is a high risk of glare. These models quickly became popular and prompted the development of additional models.

Mercuro’s popularity stems from its combination of sporty, trendy design, wide field of vision and superior comfort.

The stylish frames have a wrap-around design that adapts to all faces, including large and wide. Bi-material temples increase comfort and grip, which is further enhanced by a PVC nose bridge and the optional addition of a retainer strap. 

Also worthy of note is Mercuro’s dielectric non-conducting frame with no metal parts or screws, making Mercuro the ideal choice for electrical environments. 

The product is certified to AS/NZS 1337.1:2010 for Medium Impact, and Mercuro’s bold styling coupled with Platinum® anti-scratch/anti-fog coating provides maximum protection and performance that exceeds expectations.

Unsurprisingly, Mercuro has been very popular in Australian markets where workers in outdoor environments are regularly exposed to glare from the sun. The smoke lenses provide superior tinting, and the polarised lenses block reflected light from surfaces like sand, concrete, roads, and water. The CSP lenses provide the perfect ‘in between’ protection, perfect for workers moving regularly from outside to inside and vice versa, reducing glare and sight adjustment time, whilst increasing contrast for better vision.

The new models feature either red flash or green flash polarised lenses, which, in addition to reducing glare by blocking reflected light, also repel heat and water. The mirrored finish reflects more light and heat than non-mirrored lenses, and when combined with the polarising filter, they provide an ultimate level of glare protection, improving colour perception and reducing eye strain.  This makes them ideal for maritime environments where conditions can be extreme, and glare is at a high level.  

However, both green and red flash provide superior protection for use in general outdoor environments where full sunshine is apparent. Both types of flash lens found in Mercuro provide 99.99% UVA/UVB protection, which helps to prevent eye damage in the form of photokeratitis or ‘eye sunburn’, and cataracts. The high level of UVA/UVB protection also protects the thin and sensitive skin around the eyes and reduces the risk of cancer in the area, which accounts for 5-10% of all skin cancer. [source

For increased longevity of wear and prolonged vision clarity, the new models include an anti-scratch coating as standard.

Bollé Safety has been providing industry workers with superior eye protection since its inception in France in 1888. Their product range spreads across safety glasses, goggles, face shields and accessories and offers protection from a range of hazards: impact, dust particles, chemicals, UV, vapour, and heat. Bollé safety aims to increase the wearability of safety eyewear by making it stylish and comfortable and ensuring vision clarity is maximised and prolonged. 

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